All About Fat Cells and How to Eliminate Them

Woman who had coolsculpting treatment

During our lifetime, our body produces a set amount of fat cells that vary from person-to-person. These fat cells expand when you put on weight which, in turn, widens your waistline and contracts when you lose weight. Shrinking fat cells spell for a trimmer, slimmer and healthier you.

The technology used for Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire, cryolipolysis, does more than shrinking targeted fat cells but removes them from the body entirely.

What does the treatment, Coolsculpting Buckinghamshire, entail?

A vacuum-like device, with cooling plates attached, is applied to the area where the fat cells are being targeted. The function of the cooling plates is to kill these cells by exposing them to cold temperatures they cannot survive in. The body then absorbs the dead fat cells and eventually eliminates them from the body as waste.

Is Coolsculpting uncomfortable?

Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire is considered a non-invasive procedure, where patients undergoing the treatment will feel minimal discomfort. Experiences might vary: some might feel a slight tug or pinch as the vacuum-like device suctions the area being treated, whereas others might only feel a tingling sensation brought on by the cold, or entirely numb.

When am I likely to see results from Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire?

You will see up to a 40% fat reduction in specific areas, with an average of 20-25%. That said, results are gradual, with the first noticeable body changes occurring (in some cases) a couple to three weeks after treatment and the optimum results taking effect between three and six months.

For some areas, you might have to undergo multiple sessions before you start seeing visible results.

Can I expect a full body transformation after a session of Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire?

While you might see incredible improvements, it is essential to note that Coolsculpting is not a miracle cure, nor a form of extreme weight loss.

Are the results permanent?

In technical terms, Coolsculpting is a permanent procedure in that the targeted fat cells, destroyed by the cold temperatures, cannot be regenerated. That said, there are remaining fat cells which can expand and contract. Without accompanying your Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire with regular exercise and a balanced diet, your chances of putting the fat back on are high.

Given that you are healthy and active, you can enjoy your newly contoured body for years to come!

Is fat loss and weight loss the same?

Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire should not be regarded as an alternative to weight loss. Instead, it should be used when stubborn fat won’t budge, even with healthy eating and exercise.

Suitable candidates are people who are within 10-15kgs of their ideal weight and not people who are looking to shed some serious body mass.

Is anyone a candidate?

Coolsculpting works equally well in men and women of all ages. That said, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding cannot be treated.

As mentioned earlier, Coolsculpting is not a method of weight loss; ergo, should not be used for treating obesity.

There are certain pre-existing conditions that fat freezing exacerbates, learn more here.

Self-conscious by your muffin top, love handles or triple chins? Freeze your fat right off with Coolsculpting.