The top five most popular cosmetic dental procedures in the UK

Woman getting a dental procedure completed

If the appearance of your teeth is more likely to make you frown than smile, take comfort in knowing that you are far from alone. The UK has upped its game where dental care is concerned and people are turning to private dentistry to improve their teeth. Should you be considering some dental treatment of your own, read on to discover the top five treatments enjoyed by people wanting to make the most of their smile.

Teeth whitening

When your teeth are perfectly straight but are stained or discoloured, teeth whitening procedures can give your smile that extra sparkle. There are various procedures that can be used to whiten teeth from laser treatments to gel applications. Only natural teeth can be whitened with these procedures and therefore crowns, fillings and veneers will not be affected.

Teeth straightening

Children and adolescents can have braces fitted by an NHS dentist should it be necessary, but adults that want to straighten their crooked teeth may need a different option. “Invisible” braces allow treatment to take place discreetly and can provide straight teeth very quickly. One of the most popular methods of teeth straightening is one that uses the Invisalign iTero Element Scanner. It is thought this method has become popular because it uses digital scanning techniques rather than putty to make an impression of a patient’s teeth and mouth. Many private practices permit patients to spread expenses, including Invisalign costs, over a period of time, and many dental insurance plans also now cover costs for Invisalign treatment.


When more than teeth whitening is required to make teeth look great, many people are opting to have veneers attached to their teeth to give a longer-lasting effect. Veneers can be made of porcelain, ceramic or composite binding material and last for around ten years. With cosmetic dentistry advancing so quickly, it is thought that soon veneers will last much longer than a decade. The reason why this particular cosmetic enhancement is so popular is that it is quick, and the results are fantastic.

Gum sculpting

Although it not as well publicised as other treatments, gum sculpting is definitely a popular procedure. For those that have low hanging gums, they may wish to have sections trimmed to expose more of the teeth. A laser is used to trim and shape gums and usually veneers are also attached to the teeth to prevent the gums growing back as before.

Dental bonding

This process involves having a composite resin attached to the teeth. Patients can have it applied to one or several teeth that have become discoloured or chipped. As dental bonding does not last as long as veneers it does not cost as much. As with veneers, patients need to take great care of their bonded teeth and avoid anything that may cause damage or staining to the material. This means no chewing on pens, and cutting down on drinking tea, coffee and red wine.

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